Gameplay Modes

Just Death Gang War ModeJust Death Vigilante ModeJust Death Bank Heist Mode

Vigilante Mode

You awaken, the city smells like scum. Somebody has to clean it up. In Vigilante mode you play as a "lone anti-hero" out to kill all the gangsters & bad guys in the city, while avoiding the police presence. You start out in your modest vigilante headquarters where you can purchase an initial weapon. There are ways to make money around the city to upgrade your hardware. While you have the option to rob anyone in the city - you get more points & credit for killing bad guys/gangsters and taking their money and weapons in this gameplay mode.

  • Objectives: Eliminate all gangsters from the city.
  • Time Limit: Open-ended.
  • Multiple Controllable Units Per World: No.

Bank Heist Mode

Your crew of four professional bank robbers have their eyes on the Gang City Bank, the largest pile of cash in the city. Hit the bank, grab all the money possible and reach the waiting getaway van with the loot. Oh by the way, Gang City Police and SWAT units might have something to say about it. There is a balance between gaining cash, sending one of your crew to get the vehicle, and shooting it out of the bank. The number of surviving bank robbers, and the total cash netted are two factors that determine your ending score in this gameplay mode.

  • Objectives: Steal as much money as possible from the bank, and escape.
  • Time Limit: 2 to 5 minutes.
  • Multiple Controllable Units Per World: Yes.

Gang War Mode

This city ain't big enough for all of us. Fight for control over the city against other gangs. You start with a small gang inside your gang headquarters. You have to expand your gang's territory to increase your extortion income. Additionally robbing armored cars headed to the bank, robbing civilians, and killing enemy gangsters are good ways to generate income and grow your gang's arsenal of weapons. You'll need to keep out a watch for the city's police and SWAT forces. Each gang's score is determined by their territory, influence, weapons, vehicles, and cash on hand.

  • Objectives: Conquer the other gangs in the city.
  • Time Limit: Open-ended.
  • Multiple Controllable Units Per World: Yes.

Online Multiplayer

Just Death features a persistent online multiplayer mode where you can create gangs and forge alliances with players. You can join the police team, remain neutral, or create a custom gang in the city. All data is stored locally per-server, so the game really isn't a MMO but is more like a persistant game world with each world supporting up to 64 players.

Gang War Mode - Territory System